Extra Terrestrial Icon

The iconic symbol of the Seattle skyline reigns high above any other building in the Pacific Northwest as being ‘cool’. Built in 1962 for the World’s Fair the Space Needle has stood the test of time (and should continue to do so). I jotted down some facts from the skydeck that I thought were pretty amazing for a building over 50 years old: 1) It can with stand 200 MPH winds 2) It is rated to survive an earthquake of magnitude 9 or lower 3) It has 25 lightning rods to protect against lightning damage.

Photo of the Day – 3, 2, 1….Blast Off

Unfortunately, for us during our trip to Seattle there was hardly any visibility (due to weather) so while we did go up to the observation deck the mountains surrounding Seattle weren’t all that visible. Also, a shot I was hoping to get while out there was the view from Kerry Park (like the linked image from Jacob Lucas) which is absolutely stunning but poor visibility didn’t permit me the chance. Not deterred I walked back to the space needle for some early morning shots. From this angle it certainly looks like something about to be launched into space.


3 thoughts on “Extra Terrestrial Icon

  1. That is excellent brilliant … but I think I have a better one *smile …. I will show it in my 1 years of photo blogging in March. This is a truly powerful photo.

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