It must be true because I read it on the Internet or is it?

When I first started with my DSLR I spent hours in the library reading books, scoured the blogs and websites seeking out any information I could possibly find. I was like a sponge. Unfortunately, I was also like the girl on the StateFarm commercial who thinks her date is a French model because he told her on the Internet. Unfortunately, most people dispelling advice on the internet (and even in some books) just spew constant garbage that takes amateurs in the wrong direction. I wish, wish, wish I had known who Scott Bourne was back then – he disputes a number of those ‘myths’ in this article – ten MORE myths about photography that I wish I’d known when I’d started.

The one that was most poignant to me and my development was the myth about ‘manual’ mode. I took an entire class on shooting in Manual mode – I practiced, was left unsatisfied and practiced some more. As others were out just pointing and shooting I used to think how much better my photos were going to be once I ‘learned’ and they’d still be on ‘auto’ mode….amateurs! Well I never did learn manual mode because I eventually realized that the pictures I was getting out of ‘Aperture Priority’ mode were better than those I took in manual mode. What a waste of a PTO day from work and $100 that class was!

Photo of the Day – Crisp Fall Morning on the ND Campus

When the world at Notre Dame was ‘right’. I’m not a huge fan but if I was this would have been the best day of the entire season for me – sure they only beat Wake Forest which wasn’t much of a contest. However, two things happened that day:

1) It was senior day – the last time the faithful would see the man who grew into a legend, Manti Te’o
2) Later that evening both Oregon and Kansas State lost putting ND in the control of their own destiny for the National Championship game

Roll forward two months? WTF happened? Blown out in the national championship game and Te’o? Oh Te’o? How is he going to get out of this whole Catfish thing over his fake dead girlfriend. This story just blows my mind. How did it take the media so long to find this out? I mean this is not only embarrassing to Te’o but also every news media outlet that blindly covered this story several months ago. So many holes now that it is spelled out but no one caught on. Crazy!


11 thoughts on “It must be true because I read it on the Internet or is it?

  1. Sorry you feel the mainstream media is “for real”. I hope you’re taking 360 view of what you hear about …oh let’s say Obama. The mainstream is protecting him for ever, by simply publishing the “good stuff”..never going beyond the surface, not researching anything about him. Think how long it took to report the facts on Libya. Re. Manti Te’o, one web news organization reported today 20 things about this story that the mainstream media didn’t pick up on, like 5 different dates for his girlfriends death. It’s so much easier to report (anything almost) than do the research.for a complete story.

    • It was a little disturbing that the mainstream media did nothing to even research their story before putting it out there. A few google searches in hindsight should have blown this story open months ago but everyone just picked it up and ran with it. Now all the channels are giving us this ‘insightful’ coverage and we are left to wonder if it is a proprietary researched story or just something that they plucked off a twitter feed. Deadspin, who broke the story, was guilty of it too though when they quoted the guy saying he was ‘80% sure’ that Te’o was in on it? What is 80%? You’re either 50/50 or 99% there is no 80% – and if there is that isn’t quote worthy. Heck after reading the story I was 80% sure he was in on it but that doesn’t make me a news quote. They (all media) just seems to quick to get the story out there without checking the facts.

  2. I must agree with a lot you said at the beginning of your post. In my photo class i would never recommend only shooting manual, but i would recommended working in manual mode to understand a few basic principles of how a camera works. Great post and image.

    • Thanks and I appreciate the feedback – it was supposed to be a more ‘advanced’ class so maybe I bit off more than I could chew at the time. I had been to a few ‘beginner’ classes where they spent time walking through things as basic as turning the camera on and focusing so I couldn’t sit through that again. I do think manual mode has pluses – as it seems most night photography is done in manual mode – so I’ll have to learn at some point. Thanks again.

  3. Even if I have taken some great photo, even sold a couple … with a couple of different cameras – have I never done it manual mode – also paid for EOS course, something I remember – this to take running water on night mode … but that’s all.
    My little camera that I have now – used that many modes as I do with it. But never done manual.
    Don’t have the patience – that is what it’s all down too. Glad, I’m not alone in this class.

    This photo is stunning … very posh photo. Have a great weekend.

    • Yeah the Aperture Priority mode and a little bracketing to ensure proper exposure should get you all the way there. I don’t have a lot of patience either – but it is always one of my resolutions so hopefully 2013 will be the year!

      I try not to post process too much but given the scandal at Notre Dame involving their star Te’o I definitely did cool the image off a bit in order to make it seem a little more dreary. Thanks for the comment.

      • this with lack of patience – is something we have to live with – I don’t think we learn .. the strange thing is that I had so much of it when I mentored my staff, my chefs.

        That Notre Dame photo – is brilliant – the grass and the intense color on some parts of the building. You done a good job.

      • Thanks again – and good on you for having patience. I ebb and flow – when I’m not busy I have some patience. Unfortunately, 7/10 times I am pretty busy and snap on people. I need to learn.

  4. I usually shoot with my own settings. There’s also the P where you can set whatever you like. I’m no photographer like you are. I just continue to switch settings as many as it takes til I get content with the shot I want.

    • Cameras these days are so dang smart that they can do all the stuff photographers used to have to focus on. That makes it easy on all of us since all we have to worry about is composition of the image. The composition and the light (given an interesting subject matter) make the picture so the fact the camera does a pretty good job of picking up the light aspect makes it a much simpler task to learn photography

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