Standing in the Shadows of the Teche

I visited the Shadows on the Teche shortly after Christmas in New Iberia, Louisiana. The Shadows is a historic antebellum home that is preserved from the Civil War Era. The home was that of sugarcane farmer David Weeks and his wife Mary Weeks. During the Civil War as northern troops occupied (and subsequently burned) properties all across the south the property remained in pristine condition. The Northern soldiers had the utmost respect for Mary Weeks and as a result they did not burn the antebellum home after occupying it throughout the war.

Photo of the Day – Christmas at the Shadows on the Bayou Teche

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photowalk tomorrow in Chicago – 4 PM – the weather looks like it will be cold but dry so should be a good time (and of course beers afterwards).


2 thoughts on “Standing in the Shadows of the Teche

    • We can all wish right? The house next door from them was up for sale a couple years ago. While it is newer they built it very similar – I should have looked to see what the sale price was

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