View from the top of the World (or just Seattle)

The highlight of Seattle’s skyline is the Space Needle. It is iconic and everyone who thinks of Seattle immediately associates the Needle with the city. The view from the top of the needle is spectacular as well. They do allow tripods up there which is nice and unlike alot of the structures here in Chicago (Sears Tower, Hancock, etc..) where tripods would be a welcome treat. Unfortunately, the night we went it was overcast and you cannot see Mount Rainier in the distance but some nights you can actually see the mountain just about in the dead center of this frame behind the city.

Photo of the Day – City aglow

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
It was nice to be able to setup and take a 30 second exposure shot of the city. Unfortunately, I didn’t prepare well this night and my battery was dying (spare back in the hotel room) so I had to take pictures sparingly. However, we did have a glass of wine at the observatory deck and I was able to take a few pictures later on the evening when it was completely dark out which I think turned out good as well.


2 thoughts on “View from the top of the World (or just Seattle)

    • Thanks again – the view from the needle would only be better if it wasn’t so cloudy so that I could actually get some of the mountain in the background. Oh well – gives me a reason to come back to Seattle.

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