Ducky taking in the Impressive Views

So we are getting a rare burst of Spring weather here in Chicago – we had thunderstorms last night and will be near 60 degrees tomorrow. It’s odd to have weather like this in January but given the alternative (negative windchills) I guess a little rain isn’t too bad. That being said I do miss the snow and wish we’d get a little more of it – there are several Chicago pictures I’ve been wanting to take but was hoping for some snow. Unfortunately, my crazy travel month (or two) is starting up with work so I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to take in ‘winter’ this year in Chicago.

Photo of the Day – Skyline from a Duck’s point of view

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This is from the first photowalk we did in Chicago from maybe April 2012? I could check the metadata but my brain is sort of fried. We got a group together again this weekend but I haven’t had a chance to process anything yet because I’ve been preoccupied with the new website. I was up late last night and planning another late session tonight. Hoping I can get something going by the weekend – if not I’ll keep tinkering and postpone the ‘go live’ date until the end of February when I get my work/life balance back a bit.


7 thoughts on “Ducky taking in the Impressive Views

  1. Nice well balanced HDR, Great work.

    This week here in Poland we are heading back into a positive temperature after spending the last month sat around -10c but it is supposed to be a faint before we go back to normal winter conditions.

    • Thanks so much Ben. Glad you will be getting back into positive territory as -10 Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit by my estimate) is a little chilly for a month on end. It’s hard to consistently get out there and shoot when it is that cold but I think it is beneficial to do so just to keep the creativity going.

  2. Never been to Chicago and it is on my travel list. That is an impressive set of high rises!! Can you tell me a little about the spot you shoot from? Park?? Another part of the business district???

    • That’s a great question Kevin and I know that you will absolutely love the city. This photo (and many other skyline photos) are taken from the shoreline near the Adler Planetarium which has a fantastic view of the city. There is a riverwalk that goes between the planetarium and the aquarium that will not disappoint for skyline shots.

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