6 Myths About Travel Spending that Cost you Money

As someone who travels ALOT and is a perpetual planner I found this article on the Myths of Travel Spending to be extremely interesting and educational.

I for one always book my reward tickets around 9 months in advance – part of that is that I like to have a schedule and knowing where we are going gives me something to look forward to and it makes the time spent at home more tolerable as I like to be in perpetual motion. For example, I already know that in April 2014 my wife and I will be heading to Kauia for 7 – 10 days during my wife’s spring break from grad school. Assuming she can get the time off from work we will be doing a safari in South Africa in 2015….these little travel nuggets give me something to look forward to and while I am striving to live more and more in the present moment I still like continue to plan for future adventures. The other positive is that having an idea of when I want to go someplace allows me to plan out when to book the accommodations. Frequent flyer miles are extremely hard to use but plan the right way and you can go anywhere. Gretchen and I have flown to Europe (twice) and Punta Cana using miles in the past three years – we are now getting smarter about accumulating hotel and rental car points and the goal for the Hawaii trip next year is to do it for less than the cost of a round trip ticket (around $1000 the last time I looked) for the BOTH of us after all our spending money is included as well. I’ll post in the future about how we are going about collecting hotel, air and car points but with enough planning anything can be accomplished (that and working the system a little bit)

Photo of the Day – Vintage Big Ben

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6 thoughts on “6 Myths About Travel Spending that Cost you Money

  1. This I really like – have you put two photo together or were you able to get the shot like this. I love that you have plans for your travel so fare in advance – I really like all the planning around a long time. Looking forward to the wonderful photos from Hawaii – never been there – haven’t been to the West India’s neither.

    • Thanks – it is one photo. I zoomed in to compress the distance between two of London’s ‘typical’ tourist landmarks. In Photoshop I added the frame and the textured background because the sky was boring (blue/cloudless) and I didn’t like the way it looked. The vintage look I thought worked.

      We almost did Hawaii this year but waited too long to plan it so we missed out on the free hotel rooms. Next year though we shouldn’t have an issue getting into them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. It’s so amazing you get to plan and travel so much! When did you start traveling? I think it makes us wealthier, the traveling, I am sure I’ve changed through each adventurous traveling. I’m so glad you get to share with us a bit about your experiences travelling through your amazing pictures.

    • I caught the bug about seven years ago when I went on a backpacking trip to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons for two weeks with a friend. The following year I took my first trip to Europe when we backpacked through Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Since then I’ve gone on one ‘big’ vacation each year and several small ones. The big ones we always plan in advance while the small ones are more opportunistic in nature (work trip, weddings, etc.. and just extending them a few days). It’s a passion and something I’m going to try to do as much as I can before we settle down and start a family. Hopefully by then my nomad gene will have tuckered out.

  3. Love that you have planned a trip to South Africa. I am currently convincing my wife that we need to go on a safari. Some great travel tips on your blog as well.

    • Thanks and yes for most travel it pays to plan in advance so you can get the cheapest pricing. Sometimes it isn’t possible of course but I’ve found I can usually find good deals if given enough time to scrounge around online. Appreciate your kind words. I’m trying to share more about the experiences I’ve gained while spending alot of time in the air the past few years.

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