The Controversial Fist of the Brown Bomber

Joe Louis was the heavyweight champion and the pride of Detroit in the 1930s and 1940s. He is widely regarded as one of the first heroes to African Americans across the United States. He created this legend as a boxer and it grew as he defeated the German champion in the years leading up to World War II as the Germans built up their powerful armies.

Photo of the Day – Fists of Fury

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At its open the fist elicited alot of responses – some were good some were bad but most were and still are confused by the statues meaning. Some thought it evoked images of the black power movement or felt it represented only Louis’ violence and not the other tremendous things he did for the Detroit community. Others felt it was a powerful representation of the city of Detroit itself – tough, gritty and determined.

I personally take the latter view in that I think it is a representation of the never say die spirit you see in the city of Detroit. It’s a hard working town and this fist represents that drive and spirit that I hope will ultimately lead to the revival of a truly great city.


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