Five Tips for Traveling Better

I learned early in my travel career that alcohol and planes don’t mix – it isn’t that you get sick or anything like that and I’m not a scientist so I can’t speak to why this is but there is something between the altitude, air pressure, air quality, etc… that really dehydrates you when thousands of miles above the ground. Thus my first tip is:

1) Stay Hydrated – I call myself the Roaming Lama but when I travel I might as well be the Roaming Camel because I drink a lot of water. Airports know this and therefore water is very expensive in the terminal and drinking fountains are limited. Therefore, get a bottle of water before you go through security (from your house, gas station) or better yet bring a water bottle and make sure it is empty before heading through security as they don’t let you take any liquids. Once you are through take advantage of any drinking fountains you find and fill it up.

2) Seat selection – More and more seat selection is becoming a bigger deal because plane designs are building in a coach/economy+ section and therefore the closer you get to the front the better. Middle seats, do and always will suck, however given the choice the between an aisle/window in the back of the plane and a middle seat near the front I opt for the middle. Why, clear reason – in my mind – less chance for kids/babies that will scream, whine, kick your seat, vomit, etc… during the flight. Parents in general aren’t ‘paying up’ for the kid to get on the plane and have more leg room so the front of the plane tends to be business travelers or frequent flyers who, in general, respect your space even in the middle seat. Aisle or window that is personal preference but long flights I go aisle (see number one I stay hydrated so going to the bathroom twice during the flight isn’t abnormal on a cross country jaunt) but window on flights under two hours.

3) Have an adult beverage – drinking is fine and you should try to relax, catch a nap, watch a movie, read a book, etc… wine/beer/cocktails make that all the better but just make sure to drink that water in between.

4) Have a plan BEFORE boarding the plane – Nothing irritates me more than someone who gets on the plane, stands in the aisle while figuring out what they need for flight. Where did I put that magazine, book, headphones, etc…? Look we have hours at the airport now in advance of our flight – use an outside pocket of your bag or your pockets and have everything you need ready to go. We will all board and get to our destination faster.

5) Jetlag? Completely overrated – Unless you are flying internationally jetlag is a bunch of bollocks – four hours (EST to PST) will not give you jetlag. Sure you might be a little more tired than usual but you will be able to function and you can always catch up on sleep the next night or better yet just think of it as a cost of doing business and battle through it, enjoy your vacation or work meeting and go on about your day. Mind over matter!

Photo of the Day – It’s a bad Moon Rising

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
During the photowalk in Chicago last week I was out on Fullerton Avenue beach with Brian K, Chris F and Matt F taking some shots of the city and noticed this great moonrise out over lake Michigan. The nearly cloudless night made the pictures of the Chicago skyline less than impressive but I was happy we at least got a few decent shots of the moon.


6 thoughts on “Five Tips for Traveling Better

  1. That photo took my breath away … WOW!!!! Great tips!!! ….. I always plan my arrival so have a normal evening at my destination – stays up so long as possible. For me is the jetleg going back you Europe always the worst. I never chose window seat … because I don’t want to disturb people when I need to stretch my legs or go the washroom. Also have a little empty plastic bag – where I put everything I need for a comfortable flight, doesn’t matter if it’s for one hour or ten hours, just before I board I fill the bag up.
    I never drink alcohol when flying .. only water. Alcohol and cabin pressure doesn’t work together very well and it can also increase chances to stroke and vein thrombosis.
    Plus I always have a second pair of shoes .. that I can take on before landing and the feet has swollen during the flight.

    • Thanks for the tips on the bags and the shoes – very helpful! I don’t have too many drinks on the flight but I will have a few if it helps me to relax – just with enough water. I’m glad you choose the aisle so you can stand up – it always bothers me when people get up multiple times for the window so I appreciate your thoughtfulness of not doing that.

      • Have been thinking of doing a post about travelling solo as a woman – and there is always something we can pick up from each other when it’s about travelling tips. Great way to do through this media.
        I also have a damage bladder since after my radio therapy so an aisle seat is nearly a must plus I have long legs that I have to stretch quite often. Window seats – is great, but it the same view every time. Clouds and sunshine. Thanks for replaying.

      • You should do that – there are so many out there who are intimidated by that thought but there should not be anything to be scared about. Most people out there are nice and if you have questions will always help out 🙂

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