Super Bowl Commercials – Boom or Bust

Seems everyone has an opinion on them so I’ll just run down a few of my favorites and then the POTD is in relation to one of my favorite current ad slogans – Chick Fil-A. This year they seemed to be either really good or really bad – no grey area. That being said I’m not one to sit there and rate them and/or take notes on them. Some stick out in my mind and those are the ones I’ll remember as either being very entertaining or just being stupid.

My favorite was the Taco Bell one with the old people sneaking out of the retirement home for some late night shenanigans, tattoos, tacos and of course the request run in with the law. I also enjoyed the Oreo Whisper fight ad from the Library that went off early in the game and so I actually missed it until a few co-workers directed me towards it today. The Jeep ads were both well done and while not directly advertising any of their products were effective in causing a positive buzz about their products just because of the messages they delivered. Without question the worst ad was for and they knew that going in which is why I think its ridiculous that everyone is talking about it because they are getting exactly what they wanted – publicity. I also wasn’t a fan of the Bud Clydesdale ad that everyone seemed to like.

Photo of the Day – Eat More Chikin – Moo!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This is a cattle drive statue in Dallas that takes up a huge amount of space in one of the downtown parks. I saw it while walking around the city the last time I was there. Heading back at the end of the week and looking forward to getting some travel miles under my belt this year.


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