Five Ways to Never be Successful

Pure and utter failure – I saw this on the plane today while browsing and immediately saved it to post an excerpt from tonight because I thought it was such a great post.

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”
― Coco Chanel
At this point you’ve got some extra money in the bank, you have free time, and you’re eagerly awaiting to take that big risk and become successful. It’s now time to watch TV. Actually, you should watch TV and surf Facebook and Reddit at the exact same time. If you do this long enough you will become rich. Wrong!

Sitting down and watching TV, playing a video game, or playing on the internet is usually a complete waste of time. Some of us are capable of controlling the amount of time we waste every day, I personally am not. Just don’t turn it on.

If you’re just going to sit around and do nothing you might as well go back to your crappy job. It’s time for you to do something, anything, that will be a step towards your goal. I believe the most important thing you can do is meet other people in the field that you want to enter. If you want to write a book, go take a writer out to lunch and pick their brain. If you want to direct a movie, start assisting on local commercial gigs. Remember that at this point you should have enough money saved so that you don’t need another paying job. You’d be surprised how many people you could have lunch with if you buy the food or how many jobs you can get if you are willing to work for free. You might be taking a “risk” by working for free but in many cases, it’s a wise one.

Now go and read the rest of the article here but when you do become a success remember who helped point you in the right direction.

Photo of the Day – Chi City

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I took this photo on the last photowalk a few weeks ago with a few other people in Chicago. I crouched down behind an ice pillar, opened up the aperture (f/16 maybe?) in order to get most of the scene in focus and shot. I liked how the pillars in the lake led into the city skyline. The sun was going down but unfortunately it was a clear sunny day so I tried to minimize how much of the sky is in the frame.


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