I’d rather be fishing

Tonight I had my first Bass Pro Shop experience (thanks Allisons! I love it when clients are cool and entertain a roaming nomad like me). It’s not that I’ve never seen a Bass Pro Shop I’ve just never been in one – that store is ridiculous to say the least. Kids who never wanted to grow up don’t have to because they have Bass Pro Shops. We went there in preparation for a fishing trip in the morning or should I say late eveining (hello 3 AM wake up call!) and I had to get all licensed up for when I pull in a 45-pounder tomorrow. I love photography and getting up early is one aspect off it because you have to catch that perfect light but fishermen and even crazier because they are up all night. Come to think of it whenever I shoot lighthouses or piers in California I’m never the first one there. A guy with his pole in the water always beats me so for anyone who thinks we are crazy for getting up for perfect light – talk to a fishermen they are even crazier getting out on the water when it is pitch black to ensure you get the big fish. Nuts!!! (Also, this is true fishing – not like how it was when I was a kid and I’d go out and the men would have a few morning beers to make the women more tolerable…sorry, but its true. LOL!)

Photo of the Day – GOT3

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Okay so I don’t have any creative title for this – maybe the lack of sleep (I also did some sunrise/early morning shots before my meetings this morning) is catching up with me as I write this post. However, this photo to me when I took it the immediate thing I thought of was this could be a scene from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. It didn’t work out in post processing exactly how I thought it would but the way there really isn’t a cloud in the sky on the horizon but there were big fluffy clouds in the reflection on the lake seemed unnatural to me and almost fantasical and while I sat on the pile of rocks I scaled to get this vantage point the third season of Game of Thrones popped in my head. I’m on the fourth book now and in all honesty I’m struggling with it. Whereas the first three books flew I’m having a hard time getting into the fourth book – going back and looking at reviews its pretty easy to see why because most of the ‘main’ characters from the first three seem to be absent. I understand what he was trying to do in writing it because he is bringing in other characters that I’m sure will play an epic role in the (still unpublished) sixth and seventh books but it is also (IMO) becoming hard to keep all the characters straight. I find myself spending a good deal of time on my World of Fire and Ice App trying to recall who all the bit characters are which is becoming increasingly frustrating. For those of you on the same journey of reading the GOT books in advance of all the HBO series coming out – I highly recommend the app. All those complaining and rating it poorly do so because it isn’t “free”. It’s $5 for ALL of the books and characters and it even has spoilers setup so you tell the app what book you are on and it won’t provide any information (i.e the character dies in book three) that you may not have gotten to yet. Just that is worth the $5 price tag and the information contained in this app will prevent you from spending hours in the 50 page appendices of each book trying to track down who is who.


5 thoughts on “I’d rather be fishing

  1. Not know a lot about fishing ā€¦ *smile Was always fishing from my aunts dock up in the North of Sweden ā€“ lake ā€¦ got quite a lot of perch that her cat was sitting next to me waiting for. That photo is wonderful.

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