You’ve got to move it, move it

Sitting is lethal – that is obvious by the studies that have been done in recent years showing that people that watch one additional of hour of TV per day have an 11% higher chance of dying than their peers who watch less TV. As someone who doesn’t believe alot of the BS the pharmaceutical companies pump out trying to convince people they are sick so they can pump their bodies full of their prescription drugs I actually take this study to heart. Not because it has more ‘proof’ or anything behind it but because it makes sense to me. I know some people are probably skeptical but many felt the same way when research showed smoking shortened lives.

TV is actually a (relatively) new phenomenon and combine it with internet and you could have a deadly combination of sedimentary activity. In fifty years maybe we will have more proof of the effects but right here, right now I’m making an active pledge to get and stay healthier. I generally do a good job of hitting the gym and my diet is pretty good but I go through stretches (like the last three weeks) where work/life gets so busy that the gym is a secondary factor – I crank the diet up in those times and drastically cut my calorie intake but I still feel so much more lethargic after a period of extended ‘rest’.

Photo of the Day – The Stockyards

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The Fort Worth Stockyards near Dallas, Texas. I spent a night there this week while on business and the historic district is pretty cool. Alot of nice bars, restaurants, etc…If you do stay there I recommend the Love Shack – it’s a small outdoor bar that has live music but the burgers are awesome and they were able to curb my skepticism that I wouldn’t be able to find good food in such a ‘touristy’ location.


4 thoughts on “You’ve got to move it, move it

    • It still has all that old west charm though I think. The bars are still relatively dingy and people still smoke like chimneys in the White Elephant. It’s often associated with Dallas but it couldn’t be more different. I will also say the staff at the Stockyards Hotel were great and made my stay truly enjoyable.

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