Play Ball (and I’m ready)

I don’t like basketball – used to watch it when I played (when I write ‘played’ that is pick up and very loosely the term ‘played’ is being thrown around because I was never very good) and while I enjoy hockey it just doesn’t translate as well on TV as it does when you are in the arena watching it live. Today is one of my favorite days of the year – the day that pitchers and catchers report for spring training. It signals the start of better things for the year and days spent in Wrigley drinking cold lukewarm beers and watching the good ole’ Cubbies play some baseball. Unfortunately, the product the Cubs are going to put on the field this year is going to be hard to watch. Thanks to modern technology though I’ll be able to watch the Tigers on the Internet any time I want to. The optimism around the team has me a bit nervous but I think it will be a good year.

Photo of the Day – Fenway Park

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I went to my first game here the summer of 2011. The experience is one that you don’t forget. We sat in a box (it was a work function) that overlooked the green monster and as I sat there watching the game I was so excited to be sitting in such a historic place. This was also before the Red Sox epic collapse so everyone in Boston was still thinking the Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez combination was going to lead to years of winning AL and World Series Championships. Little did they know that less than a year later Boston would blow up the whole experiment and start over with (essentially) a new roster.


5 thoughts on “Play Ball (and I’m ready)

  1. Basket ball I don’t have much over for .. I love ice hockey and baseball, even if baseball isn’t a sport of Sweden as ice hockey is – love American football too, am a Seahawk fan. Visit Wrigley stadium last summer and I found it very ignored and unfriendly to their visitors – and I found U.S. Cellular Field the total opposite – so I think I’m a White Sox fan *smile

    • Well you’ve had a good year with the Seahawks then! Unfortunately, the ‘friendly’ confines are more like a frat party so I can see how you may not have found it quite as friendly as you hoped. Especially if you went on a weekend day game. The crowds can be a little young/immature even for my taste (and I’m pretty immature in my own right! Ha!)

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