See you on the Dark Side of the Moon

I was in Joshua Tree National Park as the sun crept over the horizon on a chilly December morning. Joshua Tree is known for both their trees and their unique rock formations. I set the tripod up relatively low and took a few shots. When I came home and processed the photo it sort of reminded me of a moon like texture on the horizon with the rock formations. Maybe its just me but that’s what intrigued me about this particular photo in relation to the others I shot that morning from similar locations.

Photo of the Day – Joshua Tree Sunrise

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


4 thoughts on “See you on the Dark Side of the Moon

  1. Unfortunately I can’t see the moon textures (sorry) but I can see a great picture. The rocks are intriguing and your eye is lead so effortlessly up the image following the rays and the bokeh.
    Nice image.

    • Thanks Ben – maybe some writer’s block on creative titles. Coming up on post 308 this evening of my 365 project and it is becoming more difficult to decide what to write each day. Some days I have some good stuff but others I suffer from writers block. Thanks for the comment – I do appreciate it as I agree that it was a stretch.

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