Tax Day and a little surprise

I also spent the majority of the day today doing our taxes. Last year (due to some poorly managed planning by us) we owed money but this year we are going to get a nice refund. The timing of the refund couldn’t be more perfect as last night my wife mentioned that she really wanted to go back to Europe. Her school schedule has been so hectic and she wants to reward herself with a nice vacation and therefore we started looking into Italy today. Frequent flier miles will get us across the pond and with a part of our tax refund we should be able to get a nice vacation out of it. Our preliminary itinerary will have us landing in Milan or Venice and flying out of Rome 10 days later. We went to Rome 5 years ago and I’ve been dying to go back so I’m really excited about the prospect of it.

Photo of the Day – Sunset over the Valley

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Also, looking forward to taking in this view on Thursday night – the Rockies at sunset.

7 thoughts on “Tax Day and a little surprise

  1. We have it easy in Sweden – the tax papers comes already filled in .. all we have to sign them .. if they are correct. And welcome to Europe!!!! Milan is high up on my list, been far too little in Italy. Rome I have very mixed feeling about …

    • Dang – that is lucky!! I’m looking forward to Il Duomo in Milan – it looks spectacular. I may just spend all day taking pictures of the exterior.

      Sweden is on my list by the way but thinking it may be too cold still in April (on par with Chicago in that you don’t know what you are going to get that time of year). I expect Italy to be more temperate that time of year.

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