Snow Shoeing in the Colorado Rockies

An early morning wakeup call for some sunrise pictures and snow shoeing in the Colorado Rockies. The temps were in the single digits with winds whipping (you can see the snow blowing off the mountains in the distance) throughout most of our hike. A client, and now friend, served as my guide as he hikes/snowshoes here 60-80 times a year with his house in Estes Park. It’s great to have someone with you who knows the terrain. Half the time I wouldn’t have known where the trail was without his help.

Mills Lake, like most water sources in RMNP this time of year, was frozen solid so we took a shortcut across the lake. Clearly this isn’t something you get to do everyday. We went 10 miles (5 out and back) through some pretty deep snow and I’m exhausted. No rest for the weary though – I’m off to Tampa right now (posting from 20,000 feet or so) for a complete 180 in uweather. Temps today were in the mid-80s with clear blue skies. Hoping to get a round of a golf in before heading over to Lakeland, Florida to catch the Detroit Tigers in spring break action. Life ain’t half bad sometimes!

Photo of the Day – Walking on Water



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