Stranded in Detroit

Not the worst place for me to be stranded since my family does live here and I was able to have a nice dinner with them, play some board games and now stay (for free) at my sister’s place near the airport so that I can get to the airport tomorrow for my (hopefully) departing flight to Chicago. It’s never a ‘treat’ to get stranded but of all the places to be stuck in Detroit is my first choice because of the family connections. The cancellations today were due to winter weather across the midwest and I saw some pretty ugly behavior at the airport today and I really don’t get it. Would people prefer to get on a plane, get in the air and crash? I mean we don’t like to drive in this so imagine a pilot trying to take off, fly and then land a multi-ton aircraft going hundreds of miles per hour in this stuff. It is never convenient, it is never fun but it comes with flying and I’m much happier not getting onto a plane in less than ideal flying conditions. I’ll head back to the airport tomorrow and try again, my patience might be a little thinner but I won’t take it out on the gate agents or anyone at the airport because it isn’t their fault. They don’t control the weather and don’t make the decisions on what is appropriate, or isn’t, to fly in.

Photo of the Day – Dreaming of Chicago

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This is an old picture and it was windy so the skyline is a little blurry but that bluriness adds to to dream like feel I’m getting for Chicago right now. Do you dream in color or black and white? I had a dream the other night that was very clearly in black and white – this doesn’t happen to me often and I woke up completely aware that I just dreamed in black and white. I don’t remember this ever happening to me so I wondered whether it happened to other people. I read later that day that 80% of dreams are in color but that some people also claim to only dream in B&W. Apparently, dreams in B&W are supposed to have ‘occurred’ in the past or happen to people who think in B&W. This dream could not have happened in the past so maybe I’m starting to think more in B&W (whatever that means).

I’m ready to be home. Ready to get back to ‘normal’ and a busy work schedule. I’ll probably have to make some time up in the office this weekend but that’s okay. I was able to take a personal day on Friday to snow shoe in the Rockies and on Monday to catch spring training down in Lakeland. I’ll pay the consequences this weekend but I’ll also never look back with regrets for experiences I didn’t have the chance to do.


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