A (Cold) Walk Through the Woods

I made it back to Chicago – after eight days on the road it is good to be home. I’m ready to head into my own bed and wake up and go to work. Even though a lot of those days were work related I still do feel like I’m much more productive when I’m in the office. Maybe it is because for the most of the past ten years I’ve been trapped within my cubicle walls but there is something comforting, something safe about them. It’s good to get back and feel and interact face to face with co-workers. This was by far my longest (non-vacation related) trip out of the office and it feels weird going back but yet refreshing. I’ll probably have to spend a good deal of the weekend in there too but that’s okay – I feel content with it – because even though I did work alot the past week I feel refreshed by not being in the cubicle for so long. It’s a real vicious cycle this corporate America.

Photo of the Day – Sunrise over the Rockies

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Started my day of hiking/snowshoeing in the Rockies in some lower elevation terrain (with no need for snowshoes) by catching the sunrise in Moraine Valley. The clouds muted the actual sunrise but luckily some color still came through in the sky so it didn’t turn out to be a bust. The river was (mostly) frozen over which allowed me to walk onto the ice and create a leading line into the horizon by standing in the middle being careful of course not to fall in. Admittedly though the river isn’t very deep so outside of getting my (waterproof) boots wet the consequences of breaking through the ice wouldn’t be too steep. I’ll miss this view by Monday but for now the blue walls and 30 inch TV in my bedroom suit me just fine.


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