One Fine Day….and I was in meetings

During my week in Seattle this was the only day there was even a hint of a sunrise. The sun shone bright most of the day before again turning to rain just before we got finished for the day and headed to dinner. Unfortunately, during my December work trip out to Seattle that was the only day of decent weather we had. Despite the weather we had a good time and I’ll definitely go back – just this time in the summer to experience that ‘perfect’ weather for half the year that everyone who lives there was telling me about.

Photo of the Day – Pier 66

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I found this location using the Stuck on Earth App and it was only about a half mile from my hotel. I didn’t do the walk ahead of time though and couldn’t exactly figure out how to get on top of the pier. It is a huge pier and once I found the access point I felt like an idiot but in the dark it is not always as apparent as you’d think. Unfortunately, some of the best light escaped as I was looking for the angle I wanted. So take that as a travel tip – don’t rely solely on the internet. Do a little pre-scouting because you may spend a good chunk of time going in circles trying to find the exact spot you were looking for.


4 thoughts on “One Fine Day….and I was in meetings

  1. That is one of my favorite locations for shooting time lapse – but you’re right, it is a little obscure and out of the way. Also windy, but that comes with the view along the waterfront!

    • I forget exactly where I saw the location – Stuck on Earth App maybe – but I was really happy when my hotel was nearby which at least allowed me to get some shots before my meetings started.

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