The Smells of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city filled with wonderful people, wonderful architecture and wonderful food. The smells in the French Quarter of Cajun food – gumbos, crawfish, po-boys, etc… just overwhelm the senses. We got married in New Orleans and I rented the tuxedo two sizes larger in the pants then I actually needed because I knew just how much food (and drink) I’d have in the days leading up to the wedding. We go back often and every time I look more and more forward to the food. If you ever have a chance to make it down there be sure to eat and drink as much as you can. You may not realize it while you are there but a few days after you get home you will be missing the food and wishing you ate more.

Photo of the Day – Balcony Seating

“New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”

― Mark Twain


2 thoughts on “The Smells of New Orleans

  1. New Orleans …. even the air has calories. Been there … both loved and hated it, but I had a fantastic time. Love the photo .. a brilliant angle on the most photographed object in NOLA … the balconies. Great job.

    • I love New Orleans – we got married there (three years ago today actually) and because of that it will always be a special place in my mind. However, it isn’t only because of that – I think the people there are amazing. They live with a different mentality and one where life is a big party and I can get on board with that. They are always having fun, living life to the fullest in all aspects. Sorry to hear it sounds like you had a bad experience. I know a lot of people go and hate Bourbon Street which is understandable. Most of the obnoxious A-holes and thieves work on that street. Even so I do love Bourbon Street – the energy is unparallelled in my opinion.

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