Navy Pier

This is one of my favorite places to photograph in Chicago – there is always something interesting going on here but in the summer it turns into an absolute tourist trap so when I go it is ‘off season’ like the winter or fall. It is essentially a shopping mall in the summer with chain restaurants (Bubba Gump Shrimp…Please don’t come to Chicago and eat this – there are so many better restaurants!) and overpriced attractions along the lake front.

I took this in February last year from the top of the parking garage at Navy Pier. The temperatures were frigid (I kept running into the stairwell of the garage to try and stay warm) so there wasn’t anyone down there to bother me. Additionally, the security guards often won’t let you photograph from here but I think with the cold weather they figured I wasn’t bothering anyone (either that or they didn’t want to come outside either). In the middle of summer this lot would have been completely full but because of the temps and the time of day most traffic had already died out for the day so that’s probably the biggest reason they me hang out for an hour or so.

Photo of the Day – Skyline

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Chicago is often put up against New York for the ‘best’ skyline in the world and it isn’t hard to see why – it is dynamic and there are a number of buildings that seem to be vying for the cities tallest.


6 thoughts on “Navy Pier

    • Not Bubba Gump! Please!! No it is good for what it is which is a place for large families to be seated and get in/out quickly. On the pier there is a better place called “Riva” I believe that makes salads and better sandwiches/pasta then what you are going to get at BG. If you are more adventurous and make it into the city a few of my favorite places to eat are:

      Italian – Mia Francesca; Pasta Palazzo
      Pizza – Pequod’s
      Burgers – Kuma’s Corner
      Steak – Chicago Cut, Fultons on the River (get the Tater Tots too) and Smith and Wollensky

      I’ll have other options too if you have a food choice in mind. We don’t eat out alot but when we do we make it count. 🙂

  1. Navy Pier … really like the place .. and especially the stain glass museum. Never eaten anything on the pier .. had a drink – Chicago has the best restaurants in US and they don’t empty the bank account neither. World leading food city .. and London second, but it empties the accounts. Fantastic shot.
    Want to go back now .. checked hotels and I can get a Superior room at Palmer House in July for €113.00 … so maybe … maybe. The advantages of being over 62 *smile

    • I hope you do and that’s a great price for the room. Chicago food is fantastic with such a large mixture of options from neighborhood to neighborhood. You are correct too – If done right Chicago dining does not need to crush the bank account because in cheap places the food is still good.

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