North Rose Window in Notre Dame Cathedral

Much of the stained glass in the Notre Dame Cathedral is from the 13th century and this particular window is the North Rose Window and dates from 1250. It is about 43 feet in diameter and the main theme of it is the Old Testament and the center panel depicts the Virgin Mary and child. There were many other beautiful stained glass windows throughout but this was the only one that I was able to take a picture of because of how dark the church interior was. I’ve made a few additional purchases for the Rome Trip that I’m hoping will allow me to take better pictures not only inside the churches but also at night when we don’t have time (or desire) to walk back to the hotel to pick up my fullsize tripod that I’ll use primarily for morning shots.

Photo of the Day – The Rose Knows

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This image originally had a ton of noise (due to the lighting conditions and need to shoot at high ISO). I was able to use a PhotoShop plugin (Topaz Denoise) which removed a good portion of the noise. I also added a heavy vignette around the outside to remove the noisiest parts of the image (the back walls of the church which were in the shadows). Other than that I did some minor color correction and sharpening to get this shot to it’s final completed state.


One thought on “North Rose Window in Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Love the intensity in this shot .. as you know, I’m not a church visitor – not even with the camera. I love stain glass … You two have a good weekend.

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