The Ghost of the Old Queen Mary

No, I didn’t see a ghost but I wish I did. I was in Southern California for a business trip and stayed the night in Long Beach. The evening I was here was the second or third time that the Queen Mary and her sister ship, Diana, had been in the same harbor or something like that since they were built. However, you can clearly see the Diana is not in this shot so she must have left before I arrived in Long Beach around midnight that evening. They had fire works, music, etc… to celebrate the event but I arrived too late. I spent the day taking pictures in the La Jolla area because I was hoping to get a nice coastal sunset. Little did I know the fog was going to roll in and I was going to get screwed. Ultimately though I made it to Long Beach and was able to get some pictures of the Haunted Queen Mary. The security (on a usual night) around the boat is minimal and my plan originally was to hop the fence and get some closer shots (and the water was so calm that the reflections would have been sweet). I’ve been learning Italian for our upcoming trip to Italy and I was going to tell the guard – “Non ho Capito? Parlo Italiano.” – and walk away confused if he gave me a hard time about being too close and breaking the barrier. However, when I got to the ship and noticed all of the heightened security in place I quickly called an audible.

Photo of the Day – Reflecting Queen Mary

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The submarine in front of the boat is actually an old Cold War Era Russian submarine. I think it is one of the only ones on display in the US. You can tour it (and the Saint Mary) but clearly not at midnight and not with armed guards parading the grounds. I took this picture from behind a fence and they were even giving me a hard time here telling me I shouldn’t be taking photos this late.


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