Road Trip (with some work involved)

Off to Banff this week – have to work for a day or two but then I’ll be heading off to the park to spend four days taking pictures. I expect I’ll come home with lots of images and spend the next several months populating this blog with them. Banff is often noted as one of the top ten national parks in the world so I’m really looking forward to it. Of course, with the travel comes so boneheaded planning things I did that I hope you’ll do a better job of thinking through next time you go to Canada.

1) Cell Phones – Don’t work in Canada. Of course, I should know this I go to Canada at Christmas every other year to see family but didn’t think about this until just a few days ago. Luckily since it is a work trip I’ll have my Blackberry but shouldn’t be using it for personal talk time. I should have thought ahead and gotten my iPhone linked up with an international plan.

2) GPS – Normally when I rent a car for work I get the GPS embedded in the car but this time since I was spending so much time on my personal I didn’t want to pay the $12/day for the GPS. The rental car I was able to get free due to all the work rentals but my whole strategy of ‘saving money’ would have been blown if I had to get the GPS. Therefore, I borrowed a friend’s GPS only to find out that it didn’t have Canadian maps. I go to the Magellan website – $50 to download Canadian maps….no thank you. Looks like I’ll be buying a map in Alberta and going old school. Hope I remember how to read one.

I get so spoiled with technology that I just assume since I’m only crossing the border I won’t have any issues. Nope its a whole new world up in the great white north. The temps last night – single digits! Wasn’t expecting that so had to throw extra warm clothes in my bag this time around.

Photo of the Day – Roman Forum

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
We are one month – ONE MONTH away from our 12 day vacation in Italy. My wife is getting antsy. Normally, she’d try to join me on some of these mini-vacations that I get to take because of work but due to school she hasn’t been able to. She’s getting a little stir crazy and I know she’s ready to get on that plane and go roaming.


One thought on “Road Trip (with some work involved)

  1. You will be … okay in Canada without your gadgets, why doesn’t your mobile work .. ??? I come from Sweden and it works in Canada – only to phone the provided and they open it up .. worldwide. I change sim cards (pay as you go) for the country I’m in – and for long-haul destinations I use SKYPE to phone home with – works wonders.
    I can understand that you’re getting excited over your holiday – only a month away *smile – I’m excited for my NYC trip and that is 6 months away. Enjoy Banff.

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