When the Experience Far Exceeds Expecations

I drove to Banff today after my client meeting in Calgary. Calgary is a great town in its own right – while I was only there for a day or so I was impressed with everything about it. Compared to Chicago the buildings were no where near impressive but compared with other Canadian cities I’ve been to the downtown area is very developed. On top of that they have a really impressive street of restaurants (8th Street – which is often closed to automobile traffic) that will meet any taste or budget. The ‘Calgary Tower’ wasn’t the Sears Tower or anything like that but the view it had of the Canadian Rockies is one that the Sears Tower will never be able to provide.

The drive to Banff though is really what blew me away. The highway – I’m sure this is because its the end of winter – was lightly traveled but the mountains as they become larger and larger are among the most impressive I’ve ever scene. I know that the Colorado Rockies are actually taller but the perception of driving to the mountains and the beauty of them is no where near what it is here in Banff. I think it is because the peaks are more defined and more rugged here and the elevation change between neighboring peaks is more distinguishing.

I arrived in town late this afternoon and wasn’t able to go take pictures but my alarm is set for 5 AM tomorrow and I’ll be out shooting for a good part of the day. I can’t wait to experience all that Banff and Lake Louise have to offer.

Photo of the Day – Sedona’s Red Rocks

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
You can’t tell from this shot of course but as I stood here setting up and taking the picture I was being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes and ants. Luckily they weren’t fire ants but they were crawling up my leg as my walk into this field had disturbed one of the giant mounds they build out in Sedona. Additionally, I think they had received an abnormal amount of rain and thus the mosquitoes were out in full force and made sure I wasn’t too focused on the ants but spent some time paying attention to them. I took this shot and then ran the heck out the field – stopping once I was clear of the mosquitoes to shake the ants off my leg. I felt a few stragglers throughout the rest of the day – but for the most part I got rid of what must have been the entire colony when I stopped to shake off.


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