Snowed In – but didn’t let it stop me

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate much today as the sun wasn’t visible for either sunrise or sunset. Hoping tomorrow will be better. However, I still got out there and took pictures most of the day except for a brief break in the afternoon for lunch.

I met a wonderful retired couple hiking around Johnson Lake – they live in Banff half the year and seeing my tripod strapped to my back provided me with some insider knowledge on a few areas that are good to photograph on overcast days. He worked as a photographer for part of his life – I can see why they moved to Banff – and so his advice carried some weight of course. His wife was wonderful as well and offered me homemade chocolate and biscotti which hit the spot as I didn’t bring nearly enough food for the day away from the hotel. In other circumstances I may have just chalked the day up to a bust with the snow all day, lack of color or really discernible clouds in the air (just a muted, ugly grey) but because I’m not sure when I’ll be back I tried to do the best with what I was provided. The tips from the locals certainly helped with that and I’m ready to get to bed and hoping for some more cooperating light tomorrow. Weather forecasts are mixed but as always I’m optimistic.

Photo of the Day – Lonely Tree

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
In the US Rockies I shot this lone tree against the mountainous backdrop – I like the look of lone tree pictures that I’ve seen from other people online and I’ve been working on taking some similar ones (as you may have noticed with some other shots in the last few months).


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