Live the Life you Imagined

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.”
― Henry James

For a couple years now I’ve been striving to do things for me whereas most of my ‘adult’ life I was focused more so on doing things that were expected of me – this included extra hours at the library, four extra years of study (after college) and taking on as much additional work as was possible. The past couple of years I’ve spent time focusing more on doing the things I want to do and not (or trying not to) feeling guilty for doing so. This includes spending time away from the office and seeing the world. At first I really there would be a backlash – I thought that my co-workers would view me as lazy and that since I wasn’t always around that I was easily ‘replaceable’. Fortunately, at least not yet, that hasn’t happened and in general I’ve found that ‘backlash’ doesn’t really exist. Now maybe I got lucky and found the right company but I’m very grateful for the things I’ve done for me and I’m learning to feel less guilt or fear when away from the office for play time.

Photo of the Day – Climbing the Frozen Waterfall

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
A shot of the ‘Upper Falls’ in Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park. In the distance you can see the falls which are clearly frozen over. I liked how the climbers provided scale to just how big the falls are. I have to imagine in the summer this is an amazing place to hike through. There are seven waterfalls in the canyon but only two were flowing when I was there – guess I’ll just have to go back in better weather!


3 thoughts on “Live the Life you Imagined

    • Thanks! I do consider myself to be very lucky in my career environment. I just hope it stays this way forever but as I work my way up the ranks I’m sure my ‘free’ time will become less and less.

  1. Only one word …. WOW!!!!!! I love photos with snow and ice … even if I’m sick and tired of it just now .. when it’s about our weather. Regarding your job .. I had the same luck .. there was time for play during office hours, but I think that a good employee knows … what is going on, what is play and what is work.
    Congratulation … I stayed with my company 35 years and I don’t regret a day .. but I had all the freedom I needed but it was under responsibly.

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