Bad Travel Experiences? Get revenge the Digital Way

When’s the last time you’ve been on flight and witnessed behavior by your fellow man that you just can’t believe? For me, it happens all the time – sure I get instantly irate when the seat in front of mine is reclined taking my six inches of ‘personal space’ to four – but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about not using headphones while playing your DVD or music player, reading an ‘adult’ magazine as if it is the WSJ and its not a big deal or diapers being changed in the seat as if we all need to be exposed to the smells/germs of a newborn baby. My most recent WTF experience was on a flight from Denver to Tampa – it had been a long day of travel and I just wanted to get on the flight and sleep. I sat down and directly across the aisle sat a woman who clearly wasn’t feeling well. She was sniffling/sneezing/etc…I had a bunch of meetings still to come and couldn’t afford to get sick so already I was a little irritated. However, as the flight carried on I got more and more infuriated – not only did she never once cover her mouth/nose while sneezing but every time she blew her nose she dumped the tissue into the back of the seat. Do you think she grabbed the tissues as we deplaned? Nope. Now I know why the flight attendants where gloves. People are the worst!

Have an experience you want to share or just want to read about how terrible your fellow man can be? Have a look at RantsOfASassyStewardess for some first hand accounts form a stewardess or check out the facebook page ‘Passenger Shaming

Photo of the Day – Getting Close

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I’m gaining on my one-year mark which is very exciting. Seems like just yesterday I started posting photos with the goal of making one-year (365 pictures is NOT easy) and now I’ve got the goal of keeping it going. Trying to post one-a-day for as long as I can. It has taken alot of work and once I pass the year mark I may allow myself a ‘miss’ here or there but I like how the challenge has kept me on task in not only editing pictures but traveling and taking new pictures.


3 thoughts on “Bad Travel Experiences? Get revenge the Digital Way

  1. Eh. I had a similarly “generous germ sharer” on my way from Portland–five hours of coughing, sneezing, and blowing her nose with ZERO thought for the surroundings. And, yes, the used tissues were left behind. I hope you didn’t get sick for your meetings.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us daily!!!!!!
    I can’t believe that lady! Some people are so rude and careless. I must admit I have traveled with friends of friends who instead of talking, they started screaming at each other! And there was an old lady next to me who wanted to take a nap. I haven’t had many ugly experiences, fortunately and probably because I don’t travel as often as you do haha.

    • Of course – I love it! It keeps me focused and forces me to go through the images and not let them go stale. It also keeps me moving and gives me a reason to extend my travels when possible.

      Seriously! I don’t know how these people were raised sometimes. I’m part of the ‘me’ generation as well but I’m so happy my parents taught me what is socially acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

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