Continue Being Crazy

I read a quote from Paolo Coelho this morning on my way to work that struck me as being completely relevant and something I needed to hear this morning.

I want to continue being crazy; living my life the way I dream it, and not the way the other people want it to be

We should be so lucky to achieve this in our lives. What others think as crazy is only so because they’ve forgotten how to dream. Continue working hard at it and one day your reality will be better than your dreams.

Photo of the Day – Our first visit to the Forum

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Our first trip to Rome was spent on a whirlwind tour seeing all the sights – this time will be more focused and while we have less time I think we will truly ‘see’ more because we will take it slow. Hoping my new camera is in by then as well – it will be a good place to break it in. What amazes me about Rome is the sheer age and yet preservation of the sights – like the Forum. Built in 7th – 8th century BC but yet most of the structures are in pristine condition. Really, truly remarkable.


2 thoughts on “Continue Being Crazy

  1. Great quote … and great shot. I hope that most people are able to live there life as they want … I know there is far too many that are not able too – far too many … and that must make them crazy or kill them them inside. Crazy or not .. my dream is that everybody should be free enough to do what they want and and the life they want. Think of all poor, sick … all people caught up in human trafficking … war .. we have it easy, we are able to life and dream.

    • I hope so too – I always feel for those people that are ‘trapped’ in situations where dreams are quashed by oppression, circumstance, etc…. I feel very blessed to live in a place where dreams are expected and achievable through hard work and constant drive towards the ultimate end goal. That’s why I find it so sad when I see people that have given up on their dreams in the US.

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