Warning – Avoid this website – PrimoTronix.com

In the past few years I’ve switched to almost exclusively using the internet for my shopping needs – from clothes, computer equipment, camera gear, etc… I get it all digitally. I’m not afraid of going to ‘off-brand’ stores as long as I see good Google, Yelp, etc.. ratings next to the store from ‘users’. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my faith completely in one store and after doing some additional research this evening I realize I’m not the only one that has been burned as their Better Business Bureau rating is a D- and you can’t ‘fake’ that rating like you can with user comments.

So here is the story on what occurred with this farce of website – Again AVOID PrimoTronix.com at all costs – even when they will undoubtedly be the lowest price on the item you want. There is a reason for that – they will not ship anything without first calling to ‘confirm’ your order at which point they try to sell you other products and/or a completely different item from what you actually ordered because its ‘better’ and no one orders what you wanted in the first place. Assuming you don’t fall for this tactic they hold your merchandise hostage until you either 1) cave to purchase additional items or 2) cancel your order but since they never charge your card they don’t feel they’ve done anything wrong. They are complete scum and I hope they lose sales because of this review/post – please ‘reshare’ and/or tell others because they need to be stopped!

So here is my story and the details of which I posted to the BBB and the FTC with hopes that ultimately this business will face some form of retribution…I ordered a camera body from PrimoTronix on 2/19/2013 and the order was verbally confirmed on 2/20/2013 with a PrimoTronix sales rep who called to tell me that I ‘had’ to order new batteries, memory cards (lying mine work just fine) and lenses (lying again since mine work just fine with the body). After this talk I was told the item would be shipped. After three weeks passed with no word on the status of my order I called to check on the order and was told it would take 2-3 weeks for shipping and again they took this time to try and sell me additional add-on items which I again declined. After 3 weeks passed I called to check on the order and they now say it will be another 1-1.5 weeks. I inquired as to why I was not contacted and they claimed they sent me 2 emails over the 3.5 week period – however I did not receive them and when I asked them to provide copies via fax and/or forwarding the emails they can’t seem to do that. However, they AMAZINGLY try to up-sell me again. I called back today (two weeks from previous contact) and they say it is now not in stock and they aren’t sure when they’ll get it in – it may be another 2 weeks or possibly longer – but they have another camera body (that is better of course) and only $200 more so that’s probably a better way for me to go then to wait for the other one.

Annoyed even further I devise a little plot and decide to call back this afternoon as a ‘new’ customer to see if in they have the camera body in stock and ready for shipping as their website still claims and to my surprise (or maybe predictably) they did have the camera in stock (two of them to be exact) and they could ship within 24 hours if I just gave them my credit card information over the phone…I replied, “this is great now why hasn’t my order shipped (I gave them my order number).” They weren’t too amused with my ploy and put me on hold and transferred me to another rep who then had the audacity to try and tell me that the product I was looking at on their website was an ‘international product’ for international customers and they won’t have that in for another two weeks. If I wanted the US version they have that in stock (for $100 more) and that is what the prior rep was quoting as having two in stock. Of course the US product and/or price is not listed on the website at the price I was told on the phone – just the international price. There is a major problem with this company about the authenticity of their website and bait and switch game on here. Seems like they won’t ship you the advertised product unless you fall for their up-sell game.

Please spread the word – PrimoTronix.com is SCAM

Photo of the Day – BAD VOODOO

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Marie Laveau lived in New Orleans and became the Queen of the Voodoos – she was born free in 1794 and died in 1881 but her legend in New Orleans still lives on. Her tomb is one of the most frequented and visitors leave mementos (don’t touch them) at the foot of her tomb as the wish bad vibes onto whomever they like. I’d love to wish bad vibes on PrimoTronix.com so I felt this was an appropriate image tonight.


10 thoughts on “Warning – Avoid this website – PrimoTronix.com

  1. Will you got you camera body or not .. is’t still hanging in the air??? Terrible .. thank god we have law against companies like that. I wish you good luck with your fight with the “elements”. Thanks for the information about Marie Laveau.

    • It is still hanging in the air but I think I’ll get it. We cancelled the order from Phototronix.com and went with another provider. They should get it to us in time but still not 100% sure. Fingers crossed!

      • What an experience …. Checked out their website and I was surprise over was that there wasn’t much information about the cameras.

  2. I’m dealing with the same thing except that I actually got my camera and sent it in to be repaired under warranty. It’s been 3 months and they still won’t send it to me. It was supposed to be replaced, then repaired, then the part was on back order, then it was repaired and shipped already (they even have me a tracking number that doesn’t show any activity), and now apparently it wasn’t repairable so they are replacing it. I tried to report the camera as stolen but unfortunately I have to sue them in small claims if I ever want to see any money again.

    • Damn sorry to hear that! This company is a bunch of freakin rip off artists. I hope you post something on your blog, report them to the BBB and continue to spread the word. They are evil and don’t deserve to be in business ripping all of us little guys off who are just trying to save a few dollars because they always have the lowest price.

      What is shocking to me is that they get decent reviews. It makes sense now that you see and hear reports about Yelp and other review sites having over half the business reviews from people overseas who undoubtedly have never been to the establishment. It taught me a lesson though to go to the bigger, better known retailers. Makes me feel bad for the ‘good’ little guys trying to actually start something online but at least I know I will get what I paid for.

      For example, ordered something on Amazon the other week from one of their retailers that they ship for. They sent me the wrong part. I filed a claim, they told me to keep the old part, paid for expedited shipping on the new one and got it to me within 24 hours of me complaining.

      • I know what you mean, it sucks because there are smaller companies that are amazing and I have dealt with some good ones. I checked the reviews first and saw they were mostly good so I thought it’d be fine. Looking into it further though I saw that Primotronix is enticing customers to write good reviews before they receive product with the promise of free add ons, like a battery or memory card.

        I spent all my savings on this camera and it’s only the body. Thank God I bought the lens from some other company. I tried reporting it stolen but was told I will have to sue them in small claims court, so if I don’t get it back that’s what I will do. I have written two bad reviews and will continue to write more. I am contacting the BBB tomorrow and also my state attorney generals office tomorrow. The more complaints I can get out there I will. If I had more money I would rip them apart but I’ll do whatever I can.

  3. I feel your pain… I have reported them to the BBB too. They sold me a Nikon D5200 ( it took 4 weeks to arrive) then when I called Nikon to register the product it turned out its from the “grey Market” and not a USA camera. So who knows where this so called Nikon camera is from. I called primotronics to return the product they gave me a hard time but agreed to give me some of my money back. I mailed the camera to them almost 2 months ago and they have not given me any money back. I have called them many times (always on hold for 20 min) and they always give me different stories as to why my money is not in my account yet… This is a horrible company

    • I’m glad you reported them and I hope more people do the same. Unfortunately, we just don’t know anymore about what sort of service you are going to get when you order things online unless you go with a big company (like the Amazons of the world). It’s unfortunate because the little guys are the ones who need our business and need good word of mouth. However, with all the fake website reviews out there or reviews paid for with steep discounts on future purchases (or just rebates) you can’t be too sure that what you are reading is legit or just paid for. They are a horrible company and I wish you well in dealing with them going forward.

  4. In my case I purchased a $900 lens from Primotronix, they promised to ship it, and after 7 weeks had failed to do so. They promised me a full refund in September and after 2 months and 2 complaints to the BBB once again have failed to do so. I don’t think I’ll ever get my money back from them without legal action. They are straight up con artists – do not buy from them, and if you already have, backcharge your credit card *immediately*. You will not get the item or a refund.

    • Sorry to hear it man. I just wish the word would get out so others don’t fall prey like we and others who have commented on this site have. As you said they are conartists and need to be stopped immediately from doing it to other consumers.

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