Magnolia Building – Dallas, Texas

On a business trip in Dallas, Texas I stayed downtown at the Magnolia Hotel. If you’ve never been to a Magnolia Hotel – I think they only have five across the US – I’d recommend seeking one out the next time you stay in Dallas or Denver. The rooms are typically very large (by hotel standards), free drinks at happy hour and milk and cookies in the evening. Yes, milk and cookies. Nothing hits the spot better than some milk and cookies after spending the evening walking around the city sight seeing. Trust me it’s perfect. 🙂

Photo of the Day – The Historical Magnolia Building

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This Magnolia Petroleum Building is on the National Registrar of Historic Places and for many years it was the tallest building in all of Texas (it stands at 29 stories). It was the original headquarters for the Magnolia Petroleum Company and on top of the building placed a neon Pegasus symbol which would later become the well known symbol of Mobil Oil. The building was converted to a hotel in 1997.

Off to a charity function this evening for Open Heart Magic – it is their annual fund raiser and I’m looking forward to a night of fun for a good cause. It is a wonderful organization that continues to help sick kids in hospitals throughout the Chicago area. Please take some time to go to their website and view the stories of the patients and families they have helped.


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