Finals Week! Followed by an Italian Vacation

My wife is in the midst of her finals week for Grad school. Her weekend has been jammed with studying and she’s fairly stressed out about it. The prize at the end of the week though will be on Thursday afternoon when we leave for 12 days in Italy. It will be our one ‘big’ vacation of the year so we are both looking forward to being away.

Photo of the Day – Suzzallo Library

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Suzzallo Library is on the campus of the University of Washington. It is one of the more recognizable buildings on the campus and wasn’t hard to find when I was in Seattle during the first week of December. It must have been finals week there because the library was packed – much more so than I would expect on a ‘normal’ Wednesday afternoon. This is a picture of the Graduate Reading Room and it is meant to very quiet so I felt awkward walking around taking pictures. The students didn’t seem to mind too much so it must be a normal occurrence for them.

The architecture of the library makes it a very photographic place and it looks a little like something you would see in a Harry Potter movie. The day I was there it was pouring rain outside (imagine that rain in Seattle?!) so I only took pictures on the inside. Seeing as how it was finals week I was afraid the security guards were going to toss me out as soon as they saw my camera. I already saw the signs noting that tripods were a not allowed in the library so I knew I had to be somewhat stealthy about it. Luckily I didn’t even need to use one as they conveniently placed a bench dead in the center of the aisle against the back wall. All I had to do was use a couple library books to prop my lens up towards the ceiling and press the shutter. I carefully fired off a five shot HDR (-4 to +4 in two stop increments) and then threw my camera back in my bag and started browsing around the library again. The shot turned out exactly as I hoped and I was very happy to have taken the bus from downtown Seattle to/from the campus to get the shot.


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