Spoonbridge in Sculpture Park

Sounds a bit like something that should be in a child’s game and with the cherry involved it just may be in a Candyland version or something like that. Sculpture Park was walking distance from my hotel so I decided to run over there with hopes to catch some sunrise light. I must have walked quicker than I thought because I got there about thirty minutes before sunrise – it was cold and started to sprinkle at one point so I wasn’t very happy with my decision to try and catch first light. I knew that the weather was supposed to be spotty but since I was only in Minneapolis for the two days I couldn’t chance missing a good sunrise….unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. The sky stayed an ugly, grey color and never lit up. This was the first picture I took that morning and I liked the psychedelic colors on the building’s sign in the distance.

Photo of the Day – Cherry Bridge

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


3 thoughts on “Spoonbridge in Sculpture Park

    • Thanks Alexandra – I’ve been very fortunate to find a job that allows me a little freedom to get out of the office and spend time as a hobbyist enjoying the beautiful world we live in!

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