The tunnel to Italy in O’Hare Airport

We are off to Italy – we will be traveling around the boot for the next twelve days. I’m pretty excited and while I won’t be as active on here as I typically am I will still be posting a picture each day as I’m trying to do my best to remain consistent and diligent in posting.

Photo of the Day – United Airlines Tunnel

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
If you’ve ever been in the United terminal at O’Hare (I usually fly American but when I don’t I take United) you’ll be familiar with the tunnel that connects Concourse B and C in Terminal 1. Going through it reminds me of a time warp from old 60s or 70s shows and movies. I wish it was as easy to travel as to just hop on an escalator go through some weird time continuum and bam come out on the other side in Italy.

I hooked my GorillaPod up on a little plexiglass divider that separated the two moving walkways going in opposite directions and set my camera to fire off a few exposures. I got some weird looks in the terminal but I wanted to catch the movement of the pedway plus that motion/colors of the lights on the ceiling. Hopefully, it will take you into the time warp with me and we all come out back hanging out at Woodstock listening to Hendrix.


7 thoughts on “The tunnel to Italy in O’Hare Airport

    • Thanks! I’m winding down my vacation now and haven’t had a chance to reply. We are flying back to Chicago tomorrow and I really wish I had that tunnel now because I’m not looking forward to the long flight but happy to be heading home to get back to ‘normal’. 🙂

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