Aspen Trees in Banff National Park

One of the best drives in all of Banff is along the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A) where it seems there are things to photograph every mile or so. I swear you could drive it all day – from Banff to Johnston Canyon, to Castle Mountain….its all there. What an amazing drive!

At the Muleshoe Picnic Area along the Bow Valley Parkway there are a number of old Aspen trees that are scarred from the elks rasping the bark in the winter to supplement their food supplies until the snow thaws and they can get back to a steady diet of grass. As I drove by I noticed the patterns these trees made and I thought the texture of the bark was pretty interesting. I pulled off to the side of the road and took a few pictures before hopping back in the car. Other drivers slowed when they saw me, I presume they thought I saw some wildlife of somesort, but when they saw me just taking pictures of trees they quickly got back moving again.

Photo of the Day – Elk Scarred Aspens

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3 thoughts on “Aspen Trees in Banff National Park

    • Thanks! Italy was fantastic. I ‘autoposted’ everything before I left so I haven’t been checking this too much. Our trip ended today and we are laying over in Dusseldorf, Germany. We just went into their historic square and sampled many delicious sausages and beer! We are going back to the states tomorrow 😦 and while I’m looking forward to being home I am happy to be back to a ‘normal’ schedule.

      • Düsseldorf … is one of my favorite German cities … spend a lot of time in German and seen a lot of it. Love the Alte Stadt. Some night life … good as Dublin’s Temple Bar area. German does the best sausages in the world .. and bread. German do great cars too *smile
        They do everything great really …

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