The Stanley (Haunted or Not)

This Estes Park, Colorado hotel (just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park) has been featured as one of America’s most haunted hotels with a number of ‘sightings’ from staff and guests in the past of paranormal activity. I stayed here one night last May and spent some time in the early morning hours (3 AM – 5 AM) walking around the hotel taking pictures of the hallways, listening for ghost sounds, etc… While I did get some good pictures I did not (fortunately?) hear any ghost noises. I will give props to the Stanley Hotel though for their 24 hour ‘Shining’ channel which just plays the classic movie on a loop all day and night long.

The Stanley Hotel is what inspired Stephen King to write ‘The Shining’. He wrote most of it from room 217 which is reported to have one of the higher concentrations of paranormal activity in the entire hotel. Other areas that are concentrated are the main lobby and staircase (shown in the image below) where the hotels founders – Freelan and Flora Stanley – have been reported to be seen wearing formal attire as if prepared for a cocktail party (just like several of the ‘ghosts’ in the Shining Movie).

Photo of the Day – Spooky Shadows

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The Stanley hotel is old and historic and while there are alot of creaks and groans that come with the age of the hotel it was a terrific place to spend the night. The staff was very accommodating and despite the rooms being smaller than most modern day hotels the other amenities were terrific. If you ever happen to be out by Rocky Mountain National Park it’s a place that deserves a visit if for nothing else than to explore the halls at 3 AM to see if you happen to see the ghosts of Freelan and Flora Stanley. Who knows maybe you can have sit and have some Jack Daniels with them and Jack Nicholson?


8 thoughts on “The Stanley (Haunted or Not)

  1. Great story. I wish you had met the ghost – like I did in Belfast. I couldn’t watch The Shinning … too scary for me. Magical photo, like the way the shadow from the stair rail … gives that little spooky feeling. Magnificent photo. Magnificent hall stairway.

    • Thanks and definitely stay there – make some time to watch the Shining while there too. It doesn’t look anything like the hotel they use in the movie – which disappointed me the first time – but knowing that this hotel inspired Stephen King to write such a twisted tale is a tad spooky. The movie will seem even freakier with Jack Nicholson going nuts once you imagine what this area must have been like in the winter back in the 1970s before they were as efficient clearing the snow as they are now for the ‘tourists’ (like me) who like the visit in the offseason when it is less crowded.

  2. What are you doing taking pictures at such late hours??!?!?!?!?!?! Are you crazy? hahaha. I honestly love everything spooky/scary, me and my best friends are very fond of horror films but somehow I have never watched The Shining! I must watch it and then go stay with my friends at this hotel :D. Great spooky photo!

    • They give so many tours of this hotel that it is difficult to ever get good shots of empty hallways during the day. In fact, during my stay I was trying to nap during the day (because I was up all night taking pictures) and I was woken up several times by the tour groups going through the halls all day. One of the benefits of staying there is how cool it is but that can also be a downfall for guests. However, I’m sure I’m in the minority of staying up most of the night and then sleeping during the day.

    • Oh and definitely watch the Shining. It’s not scary in the sense of the more modern horror movies with over the top blood and guts. It’s much more of a psychological thriller and one that I’ve always enjoyed (and I don’t like the blood/guts kind)

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