Breaking Day in Punta Cana

We spent our second anniversary in the Dominican Republic – the beaches were pristine and the weather was fantastic. There was only one day where the weather was so bad that we had to stay inside most the day (we played Mexican Monopoly and drank lots!). Otherwise we were on the beach either trying to get some sun, snorkeling, kayaking or swimming (and drinking here as well). The resort (Majestic Colonial Punta Cana) was all-inclusive and we spent the majority of our time isolated from the surrounding area. It is a beautiful resort and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to visit the Dominican. Say hi to Denny on the Beach for me…he was the man. Very strong drinks!

Photo of the Day – Punta Cana Day Break

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Most of the mornings in the Dominican I would wake up early and head to the beach. A few mornings I jogged along the beach but mainly I was there to take pictures and to secure our chairs for the day – it was mass chaos if you didn’t get down there before breakfast. My favorite time of day was the sunrise. I loved the sunrise in Punta Cana.

We were luckily blessed with some nice sunrises. I liked how the sun reflected off the surf and how the wave was breaking over the beach.

Halfway through our trip to Italy :(. I’m not looking forward to being back home.


3 thoughts on “Breaking Day in Punta Cana

    • It was a great morning – its so peaceful in the mornings before being mobbed by drunk tourists (including me somedays :)) and I really enjoyed going down there and collecting my thoughts for the day. This Italy vacation while frustrating at times (language barriers when someone stole my seat on the train, long queues or being short changed at a coffee shop) was more my speed because I was pretty much always active. Now that we are in Dusseldorf and not in the ‘go-go-go’ mode I’m feeling the effects of two weeks in full on 110% ‘go’ mode.

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