Super Jester of the Riverwalk

Okay so I may have, just may have pushed this one a little too far in the processing phase but I liked the comic book nature of it and ultimately he started to look like some sort of demented superhero or maybe super villain?

Photo of the Day – Riverwalk Jester

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I typically don’t do this with images but I’m on vacation so I figured what the hell seems like a good time to post something different and see how people react. This is a jester from the New Orleans Riverwalk – the sky was really boring so I tried to mask in a more menacing sky. Combine it with the scary look on his face and he could be a character from the Adam West era Batman series. Pow! Bam! Woop!


2 thoughts on “Super Jester of the Riverwalk

  1. If I was a kid .. and looking at him from below … he would have scared the life out me. Don’t look every friendly *smile Superhero ???!!! Give me Batman back *smile – great shot.

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