Rusted Mill Ruins

Mill City Ruins Park is along the banks of the mighty Mississippi in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The park shows the ruins of several mill companies that operated here around the late 1800s and early 1900s. The mills were abandoned and forgotten until an excavation project was started in the 1970s to uncover the history. I framed the current ‘Gold Medal Flour’ sign between the rusted ruins of mills from the past and liked the blend of history with today. The building with the ‘Gold Medal Flour’ is not a mill either though. Instead it is the Mill City Museum which I toured the day before taking these shots. It’s a fun museum and would be worthwhile for families with kids because it is interactive and the kids can entertain themselves in the exhibits while the adults educate themselves meandering around reading about the history.

Photo of the Day – Rusty Ruins

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One thought on “Rusted Mill Ruins

  1. great photo ….. I really like the way you have manage to catch the rust … it’s just like I could touch the roughness … on my screen. You have a great eye for angles and details. Welcome home.

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