Corniglia (The Cinque Terre)

The Cinque Terre was our favorite part of our two week trip through Italy – we only stayed there two nights but honestly we felt like we could have stayed much longer. Cinque Terra is made up of five towns that lie along the Italian Riviera. Being right along the coast and having access to beautiful blue water combined with hills rising quickly and steeply from the water front make it a very picturesque location.

Corniglia is the third of five towns – all towns are worth a visit and have unique characteristics. Corniglia is the only one of the five cities that does not lie directly on the sea. Instead you must walk up around 400 steps to reach the city and as a result of this and other factors it is also the least inhabited of the five towns with a population of less than 500 people (except all the tourists – like myself carrying around our guidebooks trying to figure out where the heck we are).

Photo of the Day – The Cinque Terre (Corniglia)

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Unfortunately, during our trip there the path that connects the five cities was not accessible – due to the cleanup that is ongoing from the mudslides in 2011. As a result we only hiked to one of the five cities (from our ‘base’ of Monterosso) because the ‘alternate’ trail had a lot more elevation change to it and we found it more difficult than we initially anticipated – luckily there is a nice boat that will take you to all five (except Corniglia since the boat doesn’t dock there we learned) of towns and let you off so you can head in a explore the local cuisines and lifestyles.


One thought on “Corniglia (The Cinque Terre)

  1. Awesome place. We have not visited there and Your photos inspires for a visit. Once we spent one week’s holiday in Sorrento making visits to Vesuvius, Capri and Pompeii. Still in our mind.

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