Il Duomo Milan

Il Duomo is the cathedral in Milan, Italy. We spent one day here during our trip across Italy and I have to say that the church is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’m a huge fan of Gothic architecture and this did not disappoint. First off the cathedral took over four hundred years to complete building – started in 1386 they did not complete it until 1805. The outside features 135 spires that climb into the sky and is each individually detailed with varying saints and biblical scenes transcribed on them. They form almost a crown design around the main spire with the Madonnina perched on top of it – I went low to get the reflection in the water puddle so the main spire isn’t entirely visible here but you can partially make out the bronze/gold statue slightly to the left of the top of the Duomo.

Photo of the Day – Il Duomo

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It was raining pretty hard while I was taking this shot but I wanted to get the reflection in the puddle as well as the full cathedral – I didn’t want to get the camera wet but I couldn’t seem to get situated while holding my umbrella so G put hers down and grabbed mine and held it over me while I set up for the shot. A couple of other Asian tourists came by and gave me a funny look wondering why I was having her hold the umbrella over top of me while she got soaking wet. I think they may have said something along the lines of ‘princess’ to me before giggling and walking off…hey sometimes you have to do what it takes to get the shot even if it makes you look like a little princess.


9 thoughts on “Il Duomo Milan

  1. This so beautiful and powerful ….. how did you manage to find the square totally empty! And the reflection in the wet pavement makes is so much more powerful and majestic. Excellent shot.

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