Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy

Rome continues to be one of my favorite cities, despite the fact that it was really crowded (when is it not?!) due to it being a holiday weekend I still love walking amongst the ruins and the historic landmarks since this is where civilization really started. Compared with the other cities we were in during this trip Rome is really spread out and it is hard to see and do everything because there is just so much. Knowing this and knowing that we weren’t going to have a chance to make it to the Trevi Fountain in the evenings I woke up early one morning and walked over to beat the crowds. Typically, this location is swarmed with people but at 6 AM it was very quiet and peaceful. A few other people were also out taking photos but for the most part it was just me and the magic of Rome.

Photo of the Day – Trevi Fountain

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The Trevi Fountain is the most popular and well known fountain in Rome. It was built in the 1700s (so compared to most of Rome it is ‘new’) and stands 85 feet tall and 65 feet wide. Legend says that if you toss a coin into the fountain you will be destined to return. I don’t know about that but I did it anyways. According to a BBC report the fountain makes about 3,000 Euroa each night….not bad for an 18th century fountain! The money is supposedly used to feed the poor so I like that the coin I’m tossing in there to guarantee my return is also going to a good cause.


2 thoughts on “Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy

  1. Fantastic shot …. I’m glad that money goes to something – even I have throw a Lire in this fountain … but not so far haven’t I returned. But Rome and I never clicked to 100%.

    • Me too – In other fountains around Rome I saw the homeless people fishing out coins. Those fountains were ‘under guard’ too by the police to prevent that type of behavior but they worked in teams of three people and had signals for when the guards were coming by and the person do the ‘fishing’ would stop. In the Piazza Navonna I watched a team of guys work in the early morning hours in the three fountains there. So many fountains in Rome that it is hard to stop that I’m sure.

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