It’s Time – The Fitbit Flex

I’ve been holding off on jumping into the ‘activity tracker’ device market place mainly because I never really saw anything that looked like I’d actually use it for more than a couple days before getting bored with it. That is until I saw a review on Wired about the Fitbit Flex Activity Monitor. As someone who tries to stay active and likes to track my progress – I’m also interested in really knowing how much walking I do on certain days (Hiking in the Rockies, Vacationing in Europe, etc…) that I don’t give myself credit for – this looks like the device for me. It seems idiot proof (definitely needed) and best of all it looks partially waterproof – or at least wearable in the shower – so when I forget to take it off I won’t ruin it and be out $100. That’s the other best part of it – at only $100 it is pretty affordable in comparison to the other devices that Wired hasn’t rated nearly as high. By the way….hint, hint, hint for those readers that may be family members – a certain someone’s 33rd birthday is coming up soon and well the Fitbit might be a fit to make sure that someone makes a 43rd birthday.

Photo of the Day – Bow Valley

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I spent a few days in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. An absolutely amazing national park and I’m hoping I get to go back next month for another client meeting (sometimes the job isn’t half bad – just don’t tell my boss). While there I probably hiked 10 – 12 miles a day (at least I think I did) yet when I came home I felt like I was pretty lazy because I wasn’t out running, riding the bike or lifting weights for a few days. Having something like the Fitbit would either help or hurt with that feeling of guilt since it would either confirm or shoot down my thoughts of how far I was actually going.

I took this shot on one of the mornings I spent in Banff. At the far end of the valley you can see the Fairmont Springs Hotel that I posted a picture of the other day – it is clearly dwarfed by the surrounding mountains. I was there for five mornings and got up for ‘sunrise’ each and every morning…unfortunately, due to cloud cover for most of trip the sun never really rose (or I suppose of course it did rise I just didn’t get to see it). There is one good thing about winter sunrises though – the time. I think this was shot around 7:40 AM. The sunrise times for June when I’ll be out there are 5:40 AM which means I’ll have to be out getting setup to shoot about 5:10 in the morning. Luckily noon lighting conditions are pretty treacherous so it will be ‘nap time’.


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