That Wiley Coyote

Seeing as I’m staying at the Coyote Inn in Estes Park (Rocky Mountain National Park) right now I figured a picture I took of a Coyote in Joshua Tree National Park last summer was appropriate. This coyote seemed to be stalking me for a few minutes until I caught on to it and started to walk back in its direction. Once I started doing that the coyote turned and scuttled off in the other direction but not before I took a few pictures of him.

Photo of the Day – Stalker

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Almost didn’t get this one in because the wifi here isn’t too solid but after multiple upload attempts it seems to have finally worked. I had a long day today that started with a 3:15 wakeup and then hiking up to Dream Lake to take sunrise pictures. I hiked a few other places before coming back to the hotel at noon for a brief nap before going back out this afternoon and evening for pictures. I get to sleep in tomorrow (4:15) though as Sprague Lake is much easier to get to since it is right at the trailhead so I won’t need to hike too far to be in position to catch the morning light.


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