Going Home Again

Heading back to Dearborn unexpectedly this weekend. Seems the past few times I’ve visited haven’t really been under the best circumstances but it will still be good to see my family. Back in November when we were in Dearborn for Thanksgiving I got up early one morning and my Dad and I went downtown to take pictures of Detroit. T.O.M (Tom is my dad’s name but he likes to put periods in between the letters so it can stand for the ‘The Old Man’) is a really big supporter of my photography and I wanted to get some pictures of the older buildings and areas that I am just not all that familiar with. Growing up outside of Detroit you’d think I would know the city a little better than I do but considering the state the city has been for the past thirty years maybe it shouldn’t be all that surprising that each time I go downtown I notice something new. Detroit used to be a nice little city (or so I’m told) but then the wheels came off and those in charge of putting it back together have just been tearing it down more and more as the years go by. Recently the city garnered some new hope when former NBA and Piston legend Dave Bing took over as Mayor. His experience was limited but given the old croonie capitalism run by the previous mayor(s) that was seen as good thing – a fresh start really. Well a few days ago he (sadly) announced he’d be relinquishing the Mayor job at the completion of his term and cited an inability to really get anything done because all the alderman and other ‘croonies’ in the system are still around with their hands out but nothing to show for it.

Photo of the Day – Where Legends were Born

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Sadly this is ‘old’ Tiger Stadium. The fences are missing, there are no concession stands or even a plaque noting it was there from what I could tell. All that remains is a baseball field that is kept up by some locals who just didn’t want to see the area become as overgrown and dilapidated as the rest of the area. Over 100 million people visited ‘the Corner’ to catch a ball game during the stadium’s life. Professional baseball was first played here in 1895 and last played here in 1999 (I was on of the fortunate to be there for that game – with my father and uncles). Tiger greats Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, Cecil Fielder, Willie Horton, Charlie Gehringer and many others spent the best years of their life standing right where I crouched to take this picture. I spent alot of the best years of my life at ‘the Corner’ and I can fondly remember the smell of the old ballpark – the fresh grass, boiled hot dogs and stale beer. Every summer I looked forward to going to ball games with T.O.M and occasionally keeping score throughout the game.

I certainly appreciate all that those who keep the field in working order have done but when you think of all the history that happened here I think it is a damn shame that the city of Detroit couldn’t get their stuff together and provide for a more respectful memorial.


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