The Wings are up 3 – 1 after last nights win. What a rush! Living in Chicago and having to deal with all the bandwagon fans has been torture. Still need to get that last one but so far so good. Not counting the series as over though until they are shaking hands. I’ve seen enough hockey to know 3 – 1 isn’t impossible to overcome especially for a deeply talented Blackhawks team.

I took this shot from my hotel room because it was raining and I didn’t feel like going down to the waterfront. On a clear day (and when it isn’t pitch black out) you can see Mount Olympus from this room. I picked the room out (and paid extra for it) months in advance but it was all for naught. The mountain was hidden by fog all three of the nights I spent here.

Photo of the Day – Snapshots

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
As digital cameras get better even the quick snapshots look good. This was shot at a pretty high ISO and I used the window sill to balance the camera. I wanted to catch the motion of the ferris wheel but was happy that a ferry happened to come by just as I shot a few shots. You can see the motion of the ferry behind the Public Market sign.

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