Game of Desks?

Yesterday I found out that my Rocky Mountain Sunrise picture got selected for Photoextract’s best photos of the day on Google+. This is the first time one of my photos has been selected for this so I am very excited. Check it out if you want to see it (fifth photo is mine) and other great photos from Google+.

Only two episodes left in the Game of Thrones season. I’ve been on some of the message boards recently trying to read what others think is going to happen and while I’ve read the books some people on these message boards are CRAZY over this show and the books – speculating and delving into each detail to figure out what is actually going to happen. I know what will happen next (basically) and I’m excited about it but I think if I was one of these superfans I think all the speculation would ruin my enjoyment of just watching and being entertained by the show.

Game of Thrones isn’t on tonight but if you are like me and need your Game of Thrones fix check out the well done parody by Jimmy Fallon below – Game of Desks

Photo of the Day – Alluvial Falls RMNP

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
With all the snow in Estes Park this year the waterfalls in Rocky Mountain National Park were running very strong during my visit to the park last weekend. I went out for sunset pictures one night but seeing where the clouds were in the West I could tell that any hope for color in the sky was nonexistent so I decided to just head to the Alluvial Falls/Fan to get some long exposures of the waterfall. The best time to shoot waterfalls are during overcast days and/or when the sun is low in the sky for sunrise or sunset so the timing worked out well.


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