Happy Birthday

So yes today is my birthday…33 years young. I’ve had a great day and a great year. It’s been a year filled with ups and downs as they all are but as long as there are more ups then I will chalk it up to being a good one.

This year we’ve done a lot of traveling and experienced a lot of wonderful things – among them was going back to the Spanish Steps in Rome. One of my best memories of my wife and I’s life pre-marriage was sitting in the hot sun on the Spanish Steps taking in the sights and sound of one of my favorite cities.

Photo of the Day – Spanish Steps Selfie

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
That is (I hope obviously) me on the Spanish Steps in Rome in the early evening. The excitement, energy and life that reverberates from this area is addicting.

Now, after a great sushi dinner and home baked peanut butter and chocolate cookies I’m going to watch a movie I’ve had DVR’d for a couple of weeks…..Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…the reviews aren’t good but I thought the book was decent so I’ve wanted to see how they adapted it to the big screen.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday you youngster!
    Terrific picture! My husband and I also have a lovely memory of sitting on the Spanish Steps in the Spring.
    I really enjoy your blog. It’s one of my favorites.

  2. Congratulation to your youth .. I remember my 33rd birthday very well .. I spend it in France and it was a disaster in many ways. *laughing. Love the purple shirt you’re wearing and this is a brilliant shot – can feel how vibrant the the place is. When I visit Rome I stayed just above the stairs … a city that I still not totally agree with and I think I have told you before.

  3. Feliz cumpleaños, Justin!
    I love your blog and even though I don’t comment as often as I would like, I always admire your talent in each post. You also are a very inspiring writer so thanks for sharing it all with us 🙂

    • Thanks Erika – no problem on the comments. I am glad you like the pictures. There is NO WAY that I can be as inspiring as you though. Keep up your honest and thoughtful posts. You were one of the first people I ‘met’ blogging and I love reading about all of your progress. You’re openness inspires me!

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