Got the Game Seven Blues

After the loss by the Wings tonight I just want to post a picture and get to bed. Up 3 – 1 in the series they had the Blackhawks right where they wanted them but lost three in a row to drop the series 4 – 3. Not bad for a ‘rebuilding’ year in Detroit but I was hoping they could just knock of the hated Hawks.

Photo of the Day – The Grand Canal

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Our first night in Venice and I knew by the weather this would be my best chance to get decent sunset shots because the forecast called for steady rain the next two days. We arrived in Venice around 2 PM after a five hour layover in Dusseldorf. I didn’t sleep much and neither did G so both of us were just ready to hit eat some dinner and hit the bed. The sunrise seemed to be taking forever. We waited but given the lack of clouds in the sky I wasn’t too optimistic that anything magical was going to happen. I was right and the sky remained pretty boring throughout the golden hour. Ahh well it doesn’t always work out and when you know you are only going to be in a place for a night or two you have to take what the weather conditions give you. It still conveys the beauty of this spot to me – the most famous and visited bridge in all of Venice – The Rialto Bridge.

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. It was completed in 1591 after construction started in 1588. An amazing site and a picture perfect view of Venice.

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