I booked another trip back to Houston this afternoon for a client meeting. We will be heading down at the end of this month and from what I’ve heard it is going to be toasty! I fly a decent amount for work and consistently – without fail – the flight from Chicago to Houston is by far the most expensive ticket I’ve ever seen domestically. The price no matter when you look or book the flight is over $1,000. Now my work is paying for the flight so I shouldn’t complain about the price but if I was traveling for pleasure or anything like that the insane price of a ticket might make me consider doing the 19 hour drive. In comparison I also booked a flight to Los Angeles this afternoon which cost a little over $300 – the distance from Chicago to LA is around 1,000 miles more and the ticket is a third of the price. I know airlines don’t do it purely based on distance but I have to think that is a factor. Perhaps it is that most people going to Houston are business travelers so the prices can be whatever they want to put them at and companies will keep paying?

As I was writing this I thought I can’t be the only one thinking this and I’m not. Two years ago there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about why it costs so much to fly out of Houston’s Intercontinental Bush airport and yes it is because of us damn business travelers with our airline preferences that are essentially making the pricing inelastic (oh boy that old Economics term coming out) since airlines can charge whatever they want and we will continue to pay rather than take a cheaper carrier in or out of Hobby airport. However, to be fair I did check Southwest before booking my flight this afternoon and it was only $50 less than what American Airlines was charging for a non-stop flight around the same times….so maybe the point made in the linked article no longer holds true since flights from Hobby seem to be rising with those of the ‘major’ carriers.

Photo of the Day – Sunset and Reflections

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As the sun dipped behind a skyscraper in Houston I went to the top of a parking garage and took a few shots of the reflection. I received my 10-stop ND filter in the mail today so what that means is in the future I should be able to take a 10 – 15 minute exposure of a scene like this and get the motion in the clouds which will be something I can’t do with my current equipment. I’m excited to try it out and will probably do so this weekend at the lake.


2 thoughts on “Skyscrapers

  1. I am flying from DC to Hawaii for about that price–insanity! Looking forward to your pictures. I haven’t been to Houston in years, and my memories of it are uninspired. I hear it’s a more vibrant, dynamic place than I remember.

    • I know tell me about it! Flights to Europe from Chicago are just hovering at around the $1,000 mark and you can typically find round trip tickets to Ireland for well below that. It’s some form of airline collusion and I expect as the industry continues to consolidate that rising prices across the board continue. Outside of the east coast there really is no other convenient way to get around the country since the railroad system is pretty terrible, buses are slow and gas prices are still so high. They know they have us and they are squeezing. Have fun in Hawaii! My wife and I are thinking of making that are vacation next year.

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